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Kunal Tiwari

Application Engineer Logically,Web Application Developer,Full Stack JavaScript Developer,Content Creator,Corporate Trainer,Photographer,Blogger

Name: Kunal Tiwari

Profile: Full Stack Developer

Email: kunaltiwari5596@gmail.com

Phone: +91-9176047311

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About me

24 year old Full Stack Developer with 2.6 years of experience in Web application development and maintenance.

Technologies I worked on includes Angular, React, JavaScript, NodeJS, Express & MongoDb. I have also developed applications based on PWA technology (Mobile, Desktop Installable). I also have experience in Testing JavaScript based applications using various testing frameworks such as Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, Protractor. Worked on deploying applications on different cloud platforms such as Heroku, Firebase, Azure

Apart from Web and App developer, I also write blogs and also a skilled Photographer


Different Services offered by me.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Developement using different tech. which includes Ionic (Angular Based JS Framework) & PWA(Progressive Web Applications) - which are Engaging, Installable, Reliable

Web App Development

Developement of different Applications which runs on browser using top-notch JavaScript based technologies which includes Angular, React, NodeJS, Express

Desktop Applications

Developement of desktop based applications using ElectronJS Framework which is widely used by top technology companies to develop Desktop Applications

Responsive Design

Mobile First approach is followed in All application development, which ensures that UI and UX removes smooth for all the users irrespective of device they are using

Testing Applications

Testing applications is the most important part of app development process. Unit testing using Jest, Jasmine & End to End testing using Protractor, Cypress is done which ensures maintenance & security of applications

Deployment Services

Deplopyment of full stack applications to Heroku, Firebase or Azure or even the database is cloud based: Mlab & Mongodb db Atlas

Content Creator

2.6 years of Content Creation on different and latest technologies such as React, PWA, NodeJS, CSS & JavaScript for an online International platform WingSpan

Technical Trainer

Corporate Trainer with experience of more than 2 years in teaching newly recruited developers in Infosys on different technologies such as Angular, React, NodeJS, JavaScript, PWA, DevOps


Total Experience - 2.6 Years

Application Engineer

Company: Logically

Currently Working

ReactJS developer working on B2B & B2G services/products offered by Logically. Logically has Android/ios app & Chrome extensions. It also helps you find whether a news is fake or not

Senior System Engineer

Company: Infosys

July 20 - January 21

Senior Web application developer working on MEAN/MERN technologies. Worked in development of Employee based app, Quiz App. I have also worked as a trainer for developers in the company

System Engineer

Company: Infosys

July 18 - June 20

Joined as a trainee, skilled up in MEAN & MERN technologies. Worked in Different application development which includes Automation Testing App, Travel booking app. Also worked with team to developed content













My Work

Projects Worked


Social Media App / MERN based


Employee Contact App / MERN based

Weather App

City Wise Weather App / Angular, Material & Ext. API

To Do

To Do App / React & Redux

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe Game / Angular

Pizza Castle

Pizza Ordering App / MEAN based


Different posts on JavaScript related technologies.


Objects Copying in JavaScript

Objects being the reference data type, can't be assigned to the variable. Therefore we have 3 different methods to copy the objects in JavaScript


var, let & const in JavaScript

ES6 was great, So does changes. One such thing was let and const variable declaration keywords, No need to worry again. In this article, I covered var, let and const keywords with examples


Hoisting In JavaScript

JavaScript has a feature known as Hoisting, it is generally ignored by the developers in the begining. This article covers Hoisting in the very easy & simple way